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Frequently Asked Questions
Is A Get Wit It Productions insured?
A Get Wit It Productions is a fully licensed and insured business entity.

 Are clients able to select songs ahead of time?
Yes, clients are able to select up to 50 must play requests, 15 play if possible requests, 10 do not play selections, and up to 30 custom song selections using our playlist maker link here: 

 What venues have A Get Wit It Productions performed in?
A Get Wit It Productions has performed at many venues in the Mid-Atlantic Region.   
Are verifiable references available?
Yes, A Get Wit It Productions has many recent verifiable references available upon request. 

Is A Get Wit It Productions protected against equipment failures?
A Get Wit It Productions operates not unlike NASA.  We Travel with music playing power that is redundant a minimum of three times.

Can guests make requests?
Playing music at a party might seem like a lot of fun, and it is.  It is also a highly technical job that requires concentration.  As such it is important that the disc-jockey not be treated like a jukebox during the event.  However, clients should ensure that the disc-jockey is minimally interrupted by using our contact form to make requests in advance of the event.  At the event, the request should be limited to 1-2 per guest. 

 How early will the performer arrive at my event?
If a lighting option is selected, A Get Wit It Productions will arrive at your event 3 hours prior to the event.
If no lighting option is selected, A Get Wit It Productions will arrive at your event 90-minutes prior to your event.

How long has A Get Wit It Productions been in business?
A Get Wit It Productions was founded in New York City in 1984.
What is the booking process like?
A Get Wit It Productions tried to makes the booking process as streamlined as possible while including as much information as possible.  We do just that.  Our booking process can be completely managed online using our booking tool:                           Our system will allow you to check availability date, choose a sound and lighting system, create a song playlist, make your deposit and print your contract to perform. 

 Is event overtime possible?
Overtime for an event is normally possible and is pro-rated per 1/2 hour.  However, sometimes our performers perform more than once per night.  As such, overtime is based on the performer's availability.

How should the DJ area be prepared in advance of the performer's arrival?
Client must ensure that the performer can park close to an entrance and have a clear unobstructed path to the performance area.  This means no steps, elevated platforms, or severe inclines.  An intense labor fee of $75.00 will be assessed to your balance if any of these conditions are encountered by the dj. The client must also ensure that a table of not less than 4' x 6' and a 110v electrical outlet is available for the sole use of the performer.   A $20.00 per table fee will be assessed to your balance if the dj has to bring in a table
What if I have to cancel my event or change the date?
Booking an event means that a particular date and time is not available to anyone else.  Because A Get Wit It Productions locks a booked  date and time and prevents other potential clients from accessing it. A clients that cancels an events will forfeit their deposit. There is a $100.00 fee to change an event date and is subject to availability availability.

If my event is outdoors, how will A Get Wit It Productions access electrical power?
Depending on the distance from an outlet, A Get Wit It Productions may be able to reach one using
electrical extensions of 100 maximum feet.  In the event that reaching an ac outlet is not possible, A Get Wit It Productions will employ a portable generator whose access cost is passed on to the client balance.
What is the "Intense Labor Fee" for?
The "Intense Labor Fee" is imposed when the dj encounters an obstructed path anywhere from the parking lot to the performance area.  A Get Wit It Productions has guidelines defining "obstructed path". An additional fee of $75.00 will be assessed to your balance.

How do I communicate with the performer during the planning phase?
Clients are provided with a host of online tools and a phone number designed to sustain superior customer service all the way up to the event's last minute. 

Will profanity in music be checked at the gate?
 The client has all the power here.

What are the benefits of a lighting?
Lighting and special effects create an ambient party atmosphere as beams of colored lights and
shapes whip through the air cutting through soft mist.  Strobes can slow time, and the illuminance of a 20" disco ball can make your night. Light makes for a more memorable event.  A Get Wit It Productions provides several lighting options. 

Does A Get Wit It Productions provide party favors?
A Get Wit It Productions can provide  party favors.  We discuss your needs, show you available options  

How skilled are the performers?
Our performers have been club disc-jockey, mobile disc jockeys, and masters ofceremonies for a minimum of at least ten years before they are considered skilled.

What does A Get Wit It Production's performance hardware consist of?
Our equipment is state of the art, high end, commercial grade audio and lighting equipment designed to withstand the rigors of use and road.  Since 1984 we have not experienced a technical issue that prevented the show from going on.

Why does A Get Wit It Productions favor turntables instead of DJ controllers?
A Get Wit It Productions favors turntables because it's what we have always used since 1984. We also beleive in the founding principles of being a disc-jockey. They provide a hands-on authentic feel that is only possible via the turntable and stylus.  A DJ controller basically automates a lot of the processes that a turntable DJ learns through years of experience.  Some of our younger djs prefer controllers, but our first preference will always be the turntable.

Are there discounts available?
Yes, non-profit and educational organizations receive a 15% discount on all services.  Qualifying organizations must be currently regjistered and provide proof of tax exemption.

Are substances in the fog effect safe?
Our fog machine solutions are very safe.  Formula specifications are available upon request. 

What will the performer wear?
The performer will normally wear casual attire unless instructed otherwise by the client.
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